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GOLF Instruction

If you're looking for a quick fix to your game, one lesson isn’t going to do it. Golfers tend to fall back into old habits & do what feels right that may not be fundamentally so.

An expert theory suggests that practicing any skill for 10,000 hours is sufficient to make you an expert. In saying that, I don’t offer 10,000 hour golf packages, nor are there guarantees on expertise, but I do believe that 1 lesson isn’t an investment in your golf game.


"I approached Brad to help me correct the flaws of my golf swing in all facets of the game - from irons to drivers to chipping & putting. Through his instruction & casual conversation, he has taught me how to view my swing & to correct my mistakes while keeping it simple. He is an excellent, patient instructor to work with if you are looking for help with your golf game or taking up the game for the first time."

- Joe

"Brad ran our 'chip & sip' lessons for 2 years in a row. Not only did he improve my game immensely, there was always laughs & fun had! 11/10 recommend this beauty!"


- Carly S.

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