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GOLF Club Building & Repair 


Getting custom fitted golf clubs doesn’t necessarily mean you have to start from scratch. It’s also possible to take your existing clubs – no matter what brand – & evaluate them on how well they fit you & adjust them accordingly.

Maybe the length just needs to be adjusted slightly; maybe the diameter of the grips are a bit too small for you; could be the lie angle of your irons is just slightly off & need adjusting; maybe the swing weight of your clubs are not matched. In the world of properly fitted clubs, a small change can make a dramatic difference.


Regardless of how much golf you play, having the properly fitted & prepared clubs will greatly enhance your enjoyment & performance of the game of golf. I also offer a wide range of services to keep your golf clubs in the best playing shape possible. These include:

  • Grip replacement & installation

  • Shaft installation, replacement & adjustment

  • Loft & lie adjustment

  • Additional repair services (replace ferrule, re-epoxy head, remove rattle, etc.)

​If you like your existing clubs but think they could be better fitted to you & your game, contact me to set up an appointment & we’ll go through them together.

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